We at Creative Flamingo know how important it is for young and older minds to be creative. Clay is a great tool which can link into all areas of the curriculum as well as every day life. Clay can be used as a way of therapy for both your mind and hands.



Hands-On Learning

Emily at Creative Flamingo has a great deal of experience working with schools and delivering fun creative workshops which link in with curriculum and the topic your class is working on. Whether its a block of workshops, a full day or half a day Emily can tailor make her visit just for you. We have taught local history projects to large assemblies and have 60 children participate together, we have taught basic pottery techniques and more. Please do get in contact for more information.



Make a difference

We love being involved in the community at Creative Flamingo, whether that be joining you at your local YMCA, youth club, care homes or local community event. We are able to bring a whole activity or lesson with materials and equipment out to you for either a one of session or a block of classes. We can arrange glazing and firing of work. For more information on how we can bring clay and creativity to you please do get in touch with Emily. (We're very fun at outdoor festivals to).


Learning Online

We have a selection of online courses which are ready to download right now. We can also create videos just for your class to, whether that be creating Greek pottery or something to help you with local history. We can film your lesson for you and send you video ready for you to use over and over again. Please do get in touch with Emily for more information on this.