3kg Studio Clay Box & Firing - Collection from studio

3kg Studio Clay Box & Firing - Collection from studio

Clay in a box - 3kg of our studio clay plus your 1st firing


Our clay in a box is a great gift for a loved one or yourslef. Our clay in a box means you can practice and create in the comfort of your own home. Handbuilding ceramics has so many techniques to work with and manipulate the clay you can create anything from sculptural pieces to domesticated work such as plates, bowls, teapots and more. 


Our studio box includes:

3kg of studio clay1st firing - to bisque

2oz slip

Paint brush

Rolling pin

Canvas to work on

3x sculpting and modelling tools

Safety clay cutting wire


Top tips information

Access to our how to videos (15 and counting)

Ask Emily for advice

Plastic box to keep and store work


Once you have made your work you will then drop your finished pieces off to Emily at Creative Flamingo where we will fire your work for you to bisque ware. This is included in the price.

You can either then collect your work after it's first firing or arrange to have Emily glaze it in a clear glaze for you, leaving your work a shiny cream colour. This is an additional £32 per 3kg of work. Or you can attend one of our our monthly glazing sessions to finish your work off yourself - these are £35 per 3kg of work. You can either book through our website (under the weekly classes tab) or book directly with Emily.


Emily has how to videos avialable on her facebook and instagram pages and is also availble for any advice you may need whilst making with your clay. You can purchase more clay and additional firing if you wished.


Please ask Emily for more information. If you have any questions about our Clay in a Box package please do get incontact with Emily and she will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


When purchasing your clay please tick the 'collect from studio' box so we don't accidently charge you for shipping. 




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