Under glaze paint & brushes set

Under glaze paint & brushes set. 

Set of 6 x 3ml underglaze paints & 2 brushes 


Red, blue, green, yellow, white, black.
2 soft brushes - one thin point, one square.


This is a great set to add to your studio clay box. These paints are to use on clay that will be going into a kiln and being fired - do not use these on air dry clay.

These are specialist paints and can be used on greenware aswell as bisque. They can be used on wet clay, BUT work best on dry clay. You can apply these special paints at home. Once you bring your work to the studio to be fired they will fire beautifully on your pot. Once bisque fired you will already have colour on your pot please note THIS IS NOT GLAZE.


*Non toxic, food safe when clear glazed


General Use:

Shake well. Apply to wet clay, greenware (dry) or bisque (after fiirst firing); use for design or solid coverage.

Apply 3 coats for opacity; fewer for design. Can be thinned for water-color effect.

Color can be applied with brush or sponge

Use in sgraffito, majolica, spatter or burnishing techniques.

Intermixable for custom colors



Painter-Friendly:  Mix colors to create something new; use brushstrokes to blend and create shading; layer them without concern of intermixing – great for Majolica – add thin lines and details with confidence as undergllaze will NOT move.




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