Wild Clay - Ricky's Mix

Wild Clay - Ricky's Mix

Willd Clay 

Ricky's Mix

3kg bag 

A sticky textured terracotta clay with great plasticity perfect for handbuilding. 


Ricky's Mix is a red earthen ware clay, dug and processed by hand here in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the potteries. 

The clay offers softer tones once fired, depending on the temperature you fire to will depend on it's colour. This is a clay to experiment with. A low firing of 1010 degrees offers a pale orange brown colour, typical to a terracotta clay. A firing of 1070 will see vey soft light brown colours..

We have not added anything to this clay, we have taken parts away whilst leaving the clay to be full of texture with many of the natural 'earth' elements left in the mix.


In green ware form this clay is a deep dark red/brown colour.


This clay is beautiful after a bisque firing and left in it's raw form. If you're like me and like your pots a little rough around the edges then this is the perfect clay for you. The clay when bisque fired to low temperatures (950degrees - 1010 degrees) also responds well to glaze. Please note that when glazing your work will change colour when fired for the second time at a higher temperature.


All of our wild clay has been dug by hand, transported to our studio and then through a very long process from cleaning the clay right the way through to wedging the clay. All of this has been done by Emily our studio owner and teacher. The price reflects the hard work and long hours it takes to create such a special clay. 



Raw Clay 

There are no harmful or hazardous chemicals added to this clay. All though we don't recommend you eat our clay, if you did you would not be ingesting anything harmful. 


Please keep away from eyes. If you have sensitve skin please wear gloves when using the clay. 


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