Weekly Classes

We offer both weekly easy going pay as you classes (which are very popular with those wanting to get stuck into a project or as a follow on from our beginners course) and 5 & 8 week block set of ceramic courses. All information can be found below.


Weekly Classes


Ceramics Courses

Beginner's Ceramics Course

You will learn all the fundamentals to hand building with clay as well as learning the basics to throwing a bowl and learning to trim. You will experiment with textures and press moulds along with sculpting flowers and more. 

You will experiment with coloured slips, underglaze paints, oxides and a wide range of wonderful glazes. 

Cost of 5 week - - £130

Cost of 8 week course - £185

These classes run throughout the year, head to our block course page to book or follow the link below.


Taster Sessions

Pottery Taster sessions

- Speed dating clay!

Wanted to try a pottery class but just are not quite sure if it's throwing you're after, or hand building, or whether you want a one time workshop or a beginner's class or maybe there is just to many options of where to start :)

Our ceramic taster session is aimed for you to come, have fun and have a go at each different part of ceramics - you will throw a bowl on the wheel (or two) you will hand build your very own mug with a handle and paint your own vase.


Intermediate Ceramics Course

Coming soon

Pottery and Craft

Hand Building Ceramics Course

coming soon