Wild Clay

Creative Flamingo is so proud and excited to introduce it's very own body of clay... Wild Clay. We love all things outdoors and earthy, creating our own body of clay which we have dug and processed ourselves, using materials we have found when out with our dogs just makes this clay even more magical. All of the clay is completely natural, there has been nothing added, we have done certain things to each body by taking away parts to give each clay it's own feel and look. Each clay is named after one of our furry members of our family, as without them we wouldn't explore the world as much as we do. Our wild clay will be available to use at our studio, we will be offering special themed workshops along with workshops on how you to can process wild clay. Our clay will also be available for you to purchase in our shop as both clay form and as decorative slips. We are proud to say that we are the only studio in Stoke-on-Trent to use and process our own Wild Clay. YAY!

Ricky's Mix

Ricky's Mix is a red earthen ware clay, dug and processed in Stoke-on-Trent. This clay offers softer tones once fired and depending on the temperature you fire will depend on it's colour. A low firing of 1010 degrees offers a pale orange brown colour, typical to a terracotta clay. A firing of 1070 will see soft pale brown colours. This Clay is full of texture with many of the natural elements being left in the clay, which will make your work sing if you are after an organic earthy feel to your piece. 

Low fire glaze takes well to this red wild clay, however we think it is perfect left in its beautiful raw bisque form. 

A sticky textured clay with great plasticity to, perfect for hand building. 


Rupert's Blend

Rupert's Blend is a red earthenware clay dug and processed here in Stoke-on-Trent. Different from Ricky's mix with it's colour and feel - this clay offers brighter tones and a greater change in colour once fired. A bright orange comes alive with a low firing of 1010 moving to a deep dark brown, similar to that found on a house break, when fired to 1070.
This clay reacts well to low fire glaze.
Perfect left unglazed and left in it's beautiful bisque form.  
This blend of clay has fine textures, making it great to smooth with leaving a hint of texture to the touch or you can rough the surface of your work and enhance the true nature of the wild in the clay. 
A fine textured clay with great plasticity making it perfect for hand building.


Dotty's Clay

Dotty's Clay is a pink earthen ware clay, dug and processed in Stoke-on-Trent. This is a truly special clay, different from it's colour, firing range, to texture and plasticity. A rare clay to have been found. 

This clay is a deep purple when working in wet form which dries to a paler colour, when fired to earthenware temperatures (fires well 1010 - 1070) the clay turns to a pale pink. If you take this clay to stoneware temperatures the clay turns to a pale stone colour.

This clay takes well to earthenware glaze. When a clear glaze is added the clay turns to a colour found in terracotta clay's.  

A silky smooth sticky clay to work with, ideal for hand building and throwing. There has been no texture left in this clay, it truly feels like silk when in slip form. 


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